Thursday, May 18, 2006

The bonds of work

This photo of me (white T-shirt) was taken in Honduras.
me and the rest of the scouts financed a trip to Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua in central America.
We sold and delivered Christams trees, sold chocolates, and organized community parties.
It was a tough year, and we were never certain to actually gather enough money to go until the last week. (We were twenty.)
The objective was to get there and build schools and Basket ball courts in small towns on the country side.
Which we actually did, for the most part.
We didn't attain our objectives, but we did well all in all.
We split in three groups in different towns. I consider my team to have been the most lucky.
On top of a mountain we were. The air was clean, the weather, rainy for the most part, but fresh.
The mosquitos never reach that height. Another good argument.
I heard the tales from the other group when we gathered later.
Some were misfed, some had la tourista, some were bitten by scorpios and slept outside.
The only drawback from being in my team was some guy that snored louder than I can yell.
(He also fell asleep in a truck in which our group travelled in the open trunk. He leaned his head on another guy's shoulder and gave way to an important stream of saliva that accumulated on the poor host's T shirt. Needless to say, we took pictures.)
Good memories, I even got to meet the Honduras president in a feast given in our honor.
Back in Canada, we got a medal from the Governor the same summer we got back.
A good accomplishement.

The bonds of work?
Oh yes. As much as I simply love my job, I realised that when I get home after work, I don't feel like doing anything but lying down on my couch to play video games.
I hate it! (well I like to play of course, but I don't like it being my sole option.)
This is why I'll need your support.
I'll get my permanency tomorrow if all goes well.
It means that I'm going to get a discount on the gym.
I promised myself three months ago that I would start training as soon as I'd get my permanency.

It has been so long since I got to the gym. I haven't smelled the odour of rubber and iron for a long time, and I miss it. I also miss the ache in the muscles you get from tearing them.
I used to train 7 days a week for a year. I didn't have a job, so I considered training mine.
I achieved in that period, 215 lbs with 4,5 % fat. (I'm now 170lbs)
Just by boxing two hours one day, and lifting weights the next day for the same amount of time.
I intend to regain what I lost by giving up the training for a job in the north.
I was a snowboard teatcher for 'Acedemie Laurentienne. '
No time to train there even though they had a small gym, which was always locked when I got back from the mountain anyway.

The plan is to unleash the beast I once was by training after work everyday.
(I really need a gym with boxing equipement though.)
So this is a call to anyone reading this.
Would you come to the gym with me?
Or if you don't, would you please kick my ass every time you hear me say 'I don't feel like going' or, 'I'm too tired'. (you then have my authorization to treat me like a drill sergeant would a lump of shisay he just stepped on.)
I want to evolve from the larvae that I am, into the muscular butterfly that I was back in the day.
I'm counting on you.


Anonymous Nichiren said...

il be happy to kick your ass LD :P well everyone needs a passtime lol.

but your right working with other people for long periods dose change you. i know the last 4 years did. and nomather how hard it was,i wouldent change it for the world. (ok maybe a couple of million bucks :P...)

5:35 AM  
Blogger Vivian R. said...

Yo Louis!

Don't get your permanence so soon cause you have to join me here!!! We gonna train and motivate each others.... I need a sparring dummy

Seriously, it would be nice that you come at Ubi...

A man can dream!


5:49 AM  
Blogger Genotzarr said...

Thanks for the nice wishes, Vivian, but I'll stay at A2M for a while.
But, if you want to train with me, you are more than welcome.
Is there a way for you to smuggle me in Ubi's gym?

6:10 AM  
Blogger i0d3 said...

Of course he's gonna stay at A2M, after all he's like our kid-brother here?

Right LD ?


6:14 AM  
Anonymous Nichiren said...

viv you try somthing like that im going to brake your drawing fingers :P i know where you live dont dont mess with my Level Design team LOL

bad bad viv :P

6:16 AM  
Blogger Genotzarr said...

That's right.
But I can tell you this, we will work together sooner or later.
So cheers.
When do I see you Viv?

6:17 AM  
Anonymous Nichiren said...

hey Viv grats on the new job at UBI hope you like it :) but not too much alot of stuff starting up here you might be interested in hehe i might just ninja you from under their nose so we can have our morning coffees again :P

watch the shadows i could be anywhere mouahahahah

6:26 AM  
Anonymous Bluemonarch said...

Wow, sweety ur so tinny now! I soo wish i could be werkn out w/ ya! I luv weightliftn, it does a body good Yah! *sigh, unfortunately, Ill b training alone. Movn 4 werk ya kno. Maybe ill call ya an kick ur ass long distance stile?

11:52 AM  
Blogger Vivian R. said...

Tx Nichirien!!!

I REALLY love the job!! The peoples there are fun to work with and the work itself is pretty motivating... All 2D stuff!!!!!

Illustrating some environments and concepting armors, helmets and all shit like that!!! Its focused on these task and I cant complain.
By the way, Nichi, for the morning coffe its gonna be difficult cause It would take something INSANE to make me quit Ubi at this point!!!
But who knows??? maybe you are right and an job offer gonna come one day!!??

Of course the Neocell adventure was something itself... I will not forget what I've learn and appreciate my new conditions!!!!

in fact, I would like that the game was given to a publisher.... Just want that the game goes on the shelves.....

Louis, its a shame but there is no way you may enter in the building and even more into the gym...... We gonna have to wait you here...

héhéhéhé... And louis is MY kid-brother... He was at Neocell and he belong to us!!!!! hahahaha.... just kidding!!!

For those who wants to argue with me .... I warned you, i got a bag full of banana and its gonna hurt!!!!! (My training in India was perfect!!)hihihi...

All right, talk you guys soon.


7:15 AM  
Anonymous Nichiren said...

LOL im happy you like it viv :) we all know who you felt about Ubi and all :) i wish you luck my friend and maybe you will get fed up :P and come here hehe

5:46 AM  
Blogger Amande said...

Ah ah ah, je viens de lire un peu tout ton blog et bon entre nous je ne suis pas une fan des jeux vidéo (sauf les courses de voiture, ça j'aime bien :). Mais là je viens de lire ton post sur le Honduras et ce que tu y as fait et je trouve ça fantastique! Bravo, c chouette qu'il y ait des gens comme toi :)

Et sinon je veux bien te "kicker ton ass" à distance mais je ne risque pas de te faire bcp d'effet! Alors t'y es allé à la gym? ;-)

1:37 PM  

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