Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Free Hate

BuckTown Bullies.
This drawing is printed on a T-shirt.
Art by Simon.
He's one of the guys that came often at the arcade. He wouldn't play though.
Just chat with me, and we would have the most vain debates about unimportant stuff like noodles (or was it sauce?) for a true chinese recipe.
I like debates about anything not important, and so does he apparently.
So, good work Simon, and don't forget to print me one.
He's a graphic designer for anything. He now works in a clothing company.
The Wii

I so hate Nintendo even more now. I didn't think they were serious about the controller, but E3 confirmed even more what was already confirmed.
The controller. I think it's plain flat out crap.
First, I must tell you I had Nintendoes before, and it was fine when I was a kid, but more and more I come to dislike the fact that they keep picking the easy path.
It's alot harder to get complains when your client is a kid, or rather, a kid's parent who will never
play the game in the end. Expectancies from a kid are also way less oriented, and complex.

That being said, I have nothing against kid's games, they have the right to play too.
It's just that the average gamer has grown and is now 28. Why would not one focus on the base market? That's where the money is. A kid has to ask his parents for a game, whereas, the adult can also buy as many as he desires.

I was told a lot that being a hardcore gamer I would certainly not like the applications of the controller. Why do you think? Because it allows anyone to play, the non-gamers especially.
It does not involve skill, that's why it is designed for the non-gamer or noob.
Slow-paced gameplay focused on using the controller at its best rather than having a game made to be played as itself not straining or drifting away to make use of the pad.

It reminds me of the function the DS allows. To blow on your screen to guide a sail powered boat.
What an amazing game that is! How many games now use that function? None. Because it has to establish a gameplay where blowing is the only fun and the only control. I'd rahter buy a straw for blowing wet pieces of paper to Jason sitting next to me at work. That's making use of the human blowing capacities.
It blows. Nuff said.

Back to the remote controller.
I hate the fact that Wii is orienting itself towards the non-gamers.
Are they thinking the controller will change all that? It will make the non-gamers turn into gamers al of a sudden? I think not.
It's like turning cigarettes into cigars for the non-smokers. That's what they were waiting for to start smoking right?

I' ve put a lot of money into Nintendo products before, but seeing they've grown to turn their back on me with that money, and favor the non-gamers who have never helped them before just pisses me off. Betrayal that shisay!
I just don't see myself standing up in front of my TV playing DevilMayCry with that controller waving it like the StarWars kid.
But I'll look at you do it.


Blogger sofy said...

About the Wii.... Well What's wrong with a console being called a penis-alternative-name and having a vibrator as a controller? :D Ok ok.... seriously the name sucks,the japanese may think it's pretty funny but that's not what the rest of the world think. Many ppl just refuse to believe they really are gonna use that name.(please tell me it's a nightmare).

About the DS...Well I have a DS (I didn't buy it, I got it for free)And well,yeah 'touch-screen' might be kool....but not many games uses it. Like you said about games using the mic to 'blow' in it... I have Mario Kart DS and you can use that feature to blow your balloons attached to your kart in Vs-mode or you can also press select. ... .... .... You really think I blow in da mic? Nah, Select button that is.

So yeah,I was playing with my Nintendo console when i was 6 years old while my cousins were playing Barbies,I luved my Nintendo.But now, they are letting us down,and it's all going down the drain.

Let's all flush down our Wee,er... I meant Wii.

PS: I dont have a Wee neither a Wii.

5:13 AM  
Blogger Vivian R. said...

Je comprend votre opinion mais ne la partage pas totalement.

Ok, je ne suis pas le plus hardcore gamer mais je crois pouvoir apprécier la nouveauté!! Nintendo a toujours été pour moi une figure de changement, d'amélioration et d'innovation et cette fois-ci (j'en convient) ils m'ont surpris... Au premier regard cela semble tiré d'un comic de Si-fi mais en réalité la facon de procéder est innovatrice.... Devriions-nous peut etre attendre d'avoir joué avant de conclure a qq chose de futile et d'inconcevable!!??

Oui c'est vrai que Nintendo s'est parfois cassé le nez assez dur mais ce sont les plus avant gardiste et payent le fort prix pour ca!!! Je leur leve mon chapeau pour le gutts qu'ils ont.

La nature est aussi en constant changement et on ne s'émeut pas pour autant, elle nous donne exemple d'infinies possibilité que nous nous devons de comprendre et de s'inspirer dans la vie!!!

Nintendo l'a compris.....


5:28 AM  
Blogger i0d3 said...

Don't forget that the Aim here with the new controller was probably to make an innovation, a new experience into what is a video games nowadays...

They might be wrong... Only time will tell...

I, myself, may not agree entirely with the direction that NWii took but I still I say cheers for wanting to try something new...

Remember if innovation wasn't a part of human nature we'd still be grunting as we try to make fire somewhere in Africa.


N3 M3 D3R4NG3Z P45 J3 L3 5U15 D3J4

6:03 AM  
Blogger Genotzarr said...

Well, thank you guys for your opinions.
I must admit that my anger is blinding me in a way, and it mat simply be caused by me, thinking the whole industry of consoles will follow.
But i0d3 is so right when he says "time will tell".
It is indeed with trials and errors that you learn and improve.
I'm just hoping the remote control is not the future of gaming.
The game content must improve and can improve, I believe in that more than in changing the controller.
But you guys gave me your opinion, and I like it, and thank you for it, you too Sofy, even if you seem to agree with me:-)
Your comments are constructive, and don't forget that the world would be a boring place if everyone agreed all the time.

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Fred said...

The remote is a pretty interesting inovation.....the Katana wielding footage in Red Steel alone makes it seem like a good idea, but the idea of holding two items (remote and that other thing) instead of one seems odd.

and multi player games should be hum interesting to say the least.

9:46 AM  
Blogger i0d3 said...

Anyway whatever is said about this new controller, you know You're probably right... Hein L'Wii-David?


10:40 AM  
Anonymous Nichiren said...

Haha well elle est bonne.

jai just une chose a dire Wii shall what comes out of this, Wii all might just be suprised.

i just wont hold my breath :P

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Nichiren said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You people are complaining about Wii controller? do u remember Xbox's original GIANT plastic pos?
I do.

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Lord69 said...

thats was me btw

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Adrian said...

Nintendo taking the easy path?? You must be smoking crack boy. Sony are the one taking the easy path by doing the same shit over and over again. Nintendo is trying to expend gaming and the market by attracting non-gamers. That's everything but easy. Do you think it's easy for a non-gamers to play a game with a controller that has 2 million buttons? Or do you think non-gamers will buy a ps3 for the beautiful graphics? The wii will be dissed over and over again until pple actualy try it. Just like the DS, wich is now the best selling portable.

9:16 AM  
Blogger i0d3 said...

Remember EyeToy ??


9:23 AM  
Blogger Genotzarr said...

I also remember the Bazooka, and the robot that was only goog for playing Gyromite.
They don't learn from their mistakes.
And as I was saying earlier.
They shouldn't try to be selling video games to the non-gamers.
So yeah, they might try new stuff, but they most of the time turn into well...quickly forgotten stuff. The stuff they make being for the non-gamers is, safer to do.
An unexperienced gamer will gullibly buy anything that is made for him (if he does that is.) without criticizing since he doesn't quite know well what is good and what is not.
Notice the cartoonish graphics with low polygons (Mario and the like), they usullay make. That is easier and less inovative than say,: what Valve would do. (Half Life)

10:24 AM  
Blogger sofy said...


In cooking MAMA you will have to blow into your microphone.

ZOMG my opinion about Nintendo just change,oh oui,err wii,...

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Adrian said...

Quickly forgotten stuff u say Genotzarr? Do you mean the analog sticks? Or maybe the trigger buttons? Or do you mean the rumble pak?? What about the motion sensing technology of the wiimote, Wich sony copied already with the ps3 controller. See even sony knows great ideas when they see one. Yes my friend, the wiimote is the future of gaming. Sony proved it by adapting it. Next gen it will be a standard.

8:05 PM  
Blogger Genotzarr said...

Nintendo= Geromite robot.
Remote control= Videotron.
PS2= Bad Concepts Thieves.
The future of video games= inserting a remote somewhere in your behind.
No thanks.
(or, a motion capture device in which you actually need to run to run in the game. And if you want to backflip, well, you better be able to or don't play the game.
Throw your couch in the garbage, you need to stand to play the game and run in your house like a madman with 3D gogles.)
Nuff said.

12:08 AM  
Anonymous Adrian said...

All that shit was from the old Nintendo president, not from iwata. iwata proved with the DS that hes going to right way. And by the way DS does attract non gamers, you should check the news more often. If it wasn't for nintendo, you'd still be playing with a controller with 2 buttons and a cross pad.

8:16 AM  
Blogger sofy said...

About the Wii controller:

Gamespot Ryan Davis quote: [The very, very first thing I noticed when actually holding the Wii controller for the first time was that it seemed kinda, I dunno, small.]
[while ports of other, more traditional game types will have to struggle to fit in.]

Gamespot Brian Ekberg quote: [Checking out games such as Wii Sports: Baseball, Golf, and Tennis was Wii Music Orchestra that really got my heart pumping...]

Gamespot Bob Colayco quote: [But the remote also met some of my negative expectations; in its current iteration there are some fairly serious flaws that should be addressed before the Wii ships.]

Gamespot Alex Navarro quote:[you need to be very clear on how sensitive the controls for your game ought to be, otherwise you're going to end up frustrating a lot of people...]

I don't know, prolly because I'm a girl, but I don't intend to play Tennis or Golf or baseball or any sports games on the Wii...Neither Orchestra...So what about fighting games and RPGs on the Wii, with that controller??? I'm not too sure...

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Gregory Belacel said...

Well, as with everything Nintendo is doing, look like the post on the Wii spark an interesting thread.

For me, I think Nintendo made a good buisness decision with the Wii and that, beside what they are saying about inovation and changing the industry and blablabla, it's just that, a buisness decision.

They know that they can match Sony or Microsoft on the technological or marketing level. These two are in another league than Nintendo. Trying to fight on the same ground as Sony or Microsoft would be suicide for Nintendo. So, what they are doing is trying to be apart, to stand alone. And in order to create in interess in their product, they are saying that they want to change the industry, to make a revolution. Also, by making their control so much different from Sony and Microsoft, they are sure that the game made on Wii will either stay exclusive (can't be made for another kind of control) or that any port from a game made on Wii to another console will look like a strip down version with less feature. That what they did with the DS (game made for the DS aren't port on PSP. If that was the case, chance are that the PSP would do much better). That a very smart buisness approach.

However, my problem with is that Nintendo their goal is to do a revolution . They are doing the same kind of game, but with another kind of control. They are doing a Mario, a Super Smash Brother, Sports Game, a new Metroids, FPS, a Zelda (which is not new, since it's the same one that will be release on Gamecube). They will continue to make game rated E for everyone, which means mostly for the kid. The look of the controller will continue to associate in the minde of outsider that video games are like toys. For me that the real problem. If Nintendo were doing a true revolution, of both the control and the games themself, I would be impress. But Nintendo is in fact doing the same thing than Sony and Microsoft, doing a buisness. And I think it's a shame that their using their history and reputation to put the expectation of the gamers everywhere that high.

As for the name itself, well, I don't know if it's either a great marketing strategy, since everybody is talking about the new name, even if they think it's garbage, or if it's just that the name was decided by japanses that have no clue of the meaning of the word for the rest of the world. On some level, I have the feeling that it's mix a of the two. And I find funny that Nintendo PR in North American and Europe, when asked about the name, doesn't seem to be very sure themself, only saying people will get use to it...

12:10 PM  
Blogger Genotzarr said...

Well, I thank Gregoty for his deep analysis.
I didn't see things as he said, but I must say I agree 100%.
I said it before, the revolution must not take place in the console peripheral, but in the games themselevs.
Nintendo proved that they were not serious about the so called revolution they atempted,
They use the same franchises, the same characters, the best past best-sellers.
That is not a revolution.
I also thank Sofy for being on my side the whole time and supporting my arguments.
Thanks to Adrian as well for providing a good critic of my ways
and for his great knowledge of the game industry.
How much of a suprise will the wii be?
Time will tell.

3:56 PM  
Blogger sofy said...

Someone's being on fire with arguments... I ain't saying it's all shit.... But So far there's no game that makes me want to buy the Wii, as Louis said, let's wait.

7:34 AM  

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