Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Means of Transportation

An other astonishing artwork from Rock Ray.
One of his first steps onto impressionism.
By that, I mean suggesting the image by undefined strokes rather than concise.
Impressionism is not really the final result of the image, but rather the means of acheiving what is to be perceived. (In this case that is)
I have but one critic about this depiction.
The wheel looks too pointy, but I might just be anal there. (This is a mistake I could also easy make.)
The best way to obtain circular shape in perspective, is to first draw a box in accordance to the vanishing point. (here, the horizon at the end of the street)
Then, draw a pale X from all the extremities of the square, that all join together in the middle.
Now, draw another line that will pass in the middle of the X created, and that is perpendicular to the upper side and lower side of the square.
Repeat the proccess on the horizontal plane.
Now, draw a circle in the square that touches the extremities of the four lines previously made.
The circle has to be flattened on all four extremities to give the circular feel.
It is longer that way, but gives a more precise perspective of a circle. (or cylinfer end.)
You have no lessons to learn from me Rock Ray, (you are my mentor and you know it, or do you?), but other people might want to have handy tricks. ;-)

I wonder what is happening in the Metro here in Montreal.
People seem to have lost their civism.
I see crowds rushing in the metro as soon as the doors open to get a seat.
What about those who want to get off?
They must struggle to exit. I hate that.
I'm certain these were not the ways 10 years ago.
Were the metros less crowded back then?
Were people less caring about their comfort?
Selfishness is made visible. Peolpe care more about their own well being than in the most basic rules of civism.
Once, I was waiting in the stairs of the bus to get out, and I feel a hand crisped about my shoulder pulling me back.
It was an elder that was trying to push me aside to disembark before me.
How far will people go to gain two seconds in their life.?
I shook my shoulders and stepped out.
I heard him insulting me after.
We clients are not the only guilty however.

'I'm holding court in the streets'
To all the bus drivers who see me running to the stop and leave when all they have to do is open the doors. Next time just open the doors and don't wait for the light to go green in hope of leaving me behind. I'll have a rock or a stink bomb on me.

You know they see you, but they feign looking elsewhere.
Some even refuse to let you in because the bus has moved after picking up people.
They have rolled 2 meters away from the stop, and for them, they are no longer forced to pick you up.
They are not forced to open their doors at any time it seems.
I once got ditched by a bus that didn't slow to pick me up at my stop. (the bus was also nearly empty).
I runned after it, and eventually catched up at the next stop.
When interrogating the driver about why not taking me, he said, 'You didn't look like you were waiting for the bus'.
what does a guy have to do to get a bus to stop?
Isn't waiting under the stop enough?
Would I need to wave two flags to signal my intention of taking the bus?

Another driver felt like giving me an expired transfer. Like a naive fool, I didn't watch at the expitation time on it.
Upon arriving at the metro, my transfer didn't work.
After arguing for a good 10 minutes at the wicket, I got this answer...
'You need to talk to your driver for another'.
Yeah, like the driver would be there waiting for my complains after 10 minutes to give me another one. He was gone of course.
So I jumped.

This story is from my bro.
He had runned after a bus that had ditched him at the stop.
After catching it later at the next stop, (he runs fast) the driver reluctantly (because humiliated in his bus driver pride to have let a passenger in) let him inside.
When came the time for my bro to get out, he signaled the bell, but the driver didn't stop.
So he went at the front of the bus to ask the driver what was wrong with him.
When getting out, my bro thought 'I can also make you lose your time. '
So he stood if front of the bus for a whole green light. (there were no passengers left in the bus)
Actions must be made against these foul drivers frustrated and hating their job.
And for doing that (and another millions of things), my bro is my hero.

Notice that the drivers will always salute you when they are on strike, to get your favorable opinion. They are well paid already, and we the customers are providing their salary whether it be with tickets or taxes.
It is only fair that we get a good service.

It seems nowadays, that the drivers would rather drive empty buses, and that they somehow have a satisfaction in not letting you in.
Do your job, let me in, drive, and quit being so frustrated about it.
Or, let another driver, less frustrated take your place. Do us and yourself a favor and resign.
Nuff said.
Angry Genotzarr!


Anonymous tofu said...

Maybe it's just us Level Designers ? So concious of fluid flowing environments that when people get in our way, something inside our brains malfunctions and comes extremely close to an erruption of all thing's abusive.

It also throws me sideway's that the stairs (specifically in Berri) don't have one half designated to people walking "up" and the other to people walking "down."

I don't like to think we're being too pedantic to expect these kinds of things ;)

9:32 AM  
Blogger Genotzarr said...

Hehe, you're right tofu, needless to say, your blog inspired me this one.
A friend at work also suggested me to post about the transportation.
Which I gladly did.
And yes, I agree with the stairs at Berri.
It is a hassle both ways since you are blocked either way on your attempt to get to the metro.
And you often miss it.

12:07 PM  
Blogger sofy said...

LOLOLOL ( remembers Louis's stories about STM busses) :D

I take the train,then the metro i totally agree on what you said.... Often I have to struggle in the metro to get off, a simple 'excuse me' doesn't do anymore... Sad but reality.
And about the busses,I know your pain...So many times I was waiting for the bus and got ditched...

BUT the worst story ever,I told you before I think.....It's that driver that goes to Cote Vertue....When the bus is full, he doesn't stop....but that day that the bus was nearly full,me,kouya and a lil boy decided to enter my the door in the middle ( ppl often do that when it's packed because ppl dont want to move towards the back...they all stand in front like fishies,mouth wide open...)So I get in, the driver was like "Hey you ! you can't enter by there!!!' Im like ' sry but it doesnt fit in the front!' (and i show him my bus pass) he's like ' Lady when you enter a bus it's by the front' Im like ok.... sure... he told me to get off,which I did, with Kouya and the lil kid....

As soon as I get in front of the FRONT door,the drivers looks at me and closes the door and leaves...


I luv STM bus.
I luv mtl' metro.
I luv the train.

< 3

6:35 PM  
Blogger sofy said...

Og by the way, this morning,like a few minutes ago i was in the metro...

There's that indian dude walking in with a huge packsack and headphones listenin music... He SO didnt care about how much space he was taking and as he turned around i received the straps of his packsack in my face!!!! He didnt even appologized,he looked at me and turned around....

Joies du métro.

4:21 AM  
Blogger Vivian R. said...

Hello !!

This morning I was in the metro and nothing happen!!! Can you believe THAT!!!!????
I mean, I was standing near the door and reading my book(The Hobbit) and suddenly there was nothing to bother me !!! Jesus I like this !!!


Ps: By the way, I saw a really cute girl!

5:22 AM  
Blogger sofy said...

Viv : Is she under aged? XD

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL viv you always see really cute girls its in your nature :P

yea metro is a pain somtimes i wish i was still using my car to come to work but i figure its a small price to pay compared to the gas, the traffic and the no frigging parking in downtown lol.

5:52 AM  
Blogger i0d3 said...

Effectivement le savoir-vivre dans le métro est déficient ces derniers temps...

Comme j'ai déjà dit à LD la semaine dernière (ce qui a probablement inspiré ce chapitre de son blog)... arrivé dans le wagon du métro je voulais me tenir sur le poteau question de prendre un peu d'équilibre et d'être certain de ne pas tomber sur le ti-vieux qui sent la gengivite et les boulles-à-mites aggrémenté d'un soupson de "paparmannes".

Un seul problème le poteau était déjà OQP par une fille qui avait l'air de se trémoussé dessus, je lui lance un regard en lui disant : "déformation professionnelle"... ça lui a passé dix pieds par dessus la tête, elle a froncé les sourcis l'air de ne pas avoir compris, ça m'a fait une belle annecdote à raconté...


6:41 AM  
Anonymous Nichiren said...

ok well that anonymous post was me lol

7:32 AM  
Blogger Vivian R. said...

Yo Sofy,

Why would she be underage??? Hein??? Did you heard some rumors about my case???? Anyway, all that you've heard was bullsh..!!! I'll never touch an underage princess!!!! Its not worth... Sometimes....



9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Je vois que plusieurs personnes ici ont eu des désagréments dans le transport en commun.

Je pense que à la base si il y autant de bousculade dans le métro c’est peut-être premièrement due un manque de place aux heures de pointes, mais surtout à cause d’un manque flagrant de respect de la part de certaines personnes.

On peut presque lister tous les différents cas d’impolitesses que l’on retrouve tous les jours dans les transports en commun.

-Les individus qui portent des sacs à dos plus gros qu’eux même et qui ne prennent pas la peine de les déposer à terre pour ne pas emmerder le monde.

-les gens qui ne cessent pas de vous fixer du regard pendant tout votre trajet.

-Les gens qui empêchent les passagers de descendre quand le métro vient d’ouvrir ses portes.

Pour ces derniers je les appelle les ‘’saumons’’. Pourquoi les saumons ?

C’est très simple ces gens là comme les saumons, ils essayent de lutter contre un courant puissant qui va en direction contraire.

Sauf que les vaillants saumons le font afin de terminer un long chemin qui les mène à un but précis qui est de perpétuer leur race.

Le ‘’saumon’’ de la STM lui est un idiot qui bouscule tout le monde car il pressé de poser son cul sur un siège !

De plus le saumon de la STM n’a pas peur de passer pour un abruti finis quand il fait du rentre dedans aux passagers qui essayent de descendre.

J’ai eu plusieurs fois la chance d’assister à ce spectacle en tant que bousculé bien sur.
Une fois à la station Berry uqam je me trouvait derrière un de ces spécimens qui était une petite vieille apparemment sans défense.

Comme vous le savez à la station uqam un flot important de passager débarque pour prendre leurs correspondances.
Moi mon premier réflexe est de laisser le wagon se déverser de cette masse de passager mais pas la petite vieille !

Malgré sa taille et sa corpulance d'octogénaire, elle était en train de faire du rentre dedans dans le flot important de passager pour finalement venir s’installer sur un siège.

Pathétique n’est-ce pas ?

11:09 AM  
Blogger sofy said...

XD <-- Sofy qui pleure de rire

12:18 PM  
Blogger Genotzarr said...

I like the salmon thing. Haaahaha!
For those fo you not so fluent in french.
The passengers that attempt to get in the metro as you want to exit are refered to as salmons.
Because they go against the stream.
The funniest metaphors often are born when frustration and anger combine for appaling results.
It boosts your brain to 13% usage for a second, and there goes your salmon.

9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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