Monday, May 15, 2006

The Reckless and the Courageous

I organized a BBQ last week-end.
It was for the People at Neo-Cell.
Most of them showed up.
Of course, it was raining. Since when can you organize an event with no rain showing up?

Nearly everyone was there. And to those who weren't 'cheers'. To Chae, Jason, JF, Dan, Thierry, ad Karl.

These are the folks I was telling you about.
The heroes at Neo-Cell who went all the way, against all odds until the game was made.
Yes, it does tightens the bonds, working as a family through joy and tears.
For the crew....I'll never forget you.
This is what it was like around the barbecue. (first Photo.)
From left to right...
Rock Ray, behind him, Marc G. blue cap, Lord 69, on the BBQ, Dararith (who handled it like a Chef), Black cap, Kouyah, and Serge, the boss.

A friend at my job found me the Silent Hill II sountrack.
I have been trying to find it phisically for so long.
It includes, some of the best video game musics of all time.
Also coming to my mind in the same category, Symphony of the night.
Are these soundtracks good or what?
Dark Cloud also had simpler, but good musics nonetheless.
Anyone here remembers Air Diver? A flight simulator on Genesis.
Damn, they had good musics for the time.

By the way? Have you guys seen the Spore trailer?
The long version explicitely says 'this game will give birth to a whole new genre'
Off we go, I tell you now, programmers are going to be in shortage for at least the next decade.
Imagine all companies wanting to use procedural animations.
10 artists, 4 designers, and a hundred programmers.

This game is openning a new area in video game history.
I don't exactly see anies stepping down on the concept.
Just think of what the future holds in that domain.
Do you see yourself playing a RPG on that scale?
With a character you have modeled yourself?
This is the next step to a sandbox of infinite proportions. Te ultimate freedom given to the player, in a boundless universe.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

: ( you didnt invite me to this barbecue??? The girl in the picture is cute.Is it Sofy ?? :D


7:20 PM  
Blogger Vivian R. said...

Many thanks to you Louis!! Its been a pleasure to work with you all these months (if not years??) And I'm looking foward on our partnership for your project!!! Of course I got severals small project in my head but for the instance I really enjoy doing the shade over your drawings!!!!!

Hope its gonna be a looonng fellowship of drawing!!!!


5:19 AM  
Blogger sofy said...

You must be kiddin Alexd !
I look like an evil potatoe zombie!
Mwell... we kinda all look like zombies on those pics...Next time we do this I'm bringing my cam!

Thanx a bunch Louis for the BBQ, appreciate it ! I hope we'll make more of these events, miss u all guys ;__; <-Emo me !

5:24 AM  
Anonymous Gregory Belacel said...

I want more merguez!!!!

But yeah, that was cool. It's has been a long time since so many people from Neocell where reunited in the same place. I was happy to see you all. I really hope that we will have the opportunity to get together again... since time with enough merguez to fill my stomach :D

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Nichiren said...

Im sorry i missed it but with the weather and all hope you guys had fun :) i will make sure i dont miss the next one lol

hope all you guys are doing good and seya all soon :)

6:34 AM  
Blogger Genotzarr said...

Yo Nichiren, what if it rains the next time as well?
Just kidding.
We all wished you were there.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Nichiren said...

hehe well i wont miss the next one cose it will probably be one hell of a party :P you know when we are all going to brake down a cry because our baby has finaly hit the shelves :P

well im ready. i have a Magnum of Champagne sleeping in the basement.

dont lose heart guys (and girls ... sorry Sofy :)....) i know its comming i can smell it :)

5:48 AM  
Anonymous Bluemonarch said...

Awww, look at all of ya. I wish I could have gone, but asides werk, I'm Vegan an nuff said ;P Viv and Lord69 said they had a great time, I aint surprised since yar a great host! ;)

11:40 AM  

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