Monday, May 08, 2006

The Welcome

28 years old and hopefully a long way to go still. I'm a hardcore gamer. The path was taken a long time ago when the ancestor of the Wii came out. No turning back now, It's my bread blood and sweat. I started drawing when I was four, not knowing it would open me the doors I would later dream to cross.
So here I am, level designer in a big one, but I intend to slowly climb the rough steps that allow true artistic expression. Up to the top. (ambition costs nothing, and it's the best money maker) However, the money has little to do in my scheme.
Enough about me, tell me about you. What do you play, why do you like it, how would it be better, what ideas you have, and what do you draw. (if you do draw) Let's focus group out here!
I welcome herein anyone having an interest in playing video games, video game conception, video game industry, as well as to all those who believe in their drawing skills and imagination.
We will dicuss your suggestions comments, critics, and art. We'll go through new and old releases, classics, and brainstorm to get the new ideas and concepts the games are nowadays starving for.


Blogger monique m said...

hello genotzarr! as i just replied (on my blog) to your post, thank you for your welcoming comment! i am also very excited by your blog and will continue to check up on it. you are extremely articulate when discussing drawing and creativity and that is refreshing. can't wait to see and hear more about various arts and gaming!

7:44 PM  
Blogger Genotzarr said...

Hi Monique.
I must humbly thank you for your compliments.
I was going to go on your blog to read more, when dismay: no more posts. I was sad. You are my friend now,(yeah, so soon) and I am worrying. Too busy? Is everything alright?
Second, I was unable to post the text above on your blog.
The page cannot be displayed.
Are you aware of that problem?
What is it?
I'll be waiting I guess.
You must excuse me for today's post, there is some vulgarity in it, but I wanted to gather funny quotes from everyone.
Hope you don't mind too much.
See you around hopefully.

9:43 PM  

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