Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Anekdotiks

The starting stats of the Eldritch. Notice the huge intelligence malus he gets upon starting a game. These scores, directly influence your base stats when you start a character.

Now you see what an Eldritch looks like.

I heed Greg's advice, and decide to write you here a couple of funny thing that happenned in the long campains me and my friends have lpayed.

Most recent is definitely Frank starting to play an Eldritch. He started level 1 with Gaas and Alfred who respectively play a monk level 18, and an acrobat alchemist level 17. The game that day was about finding the mechanism of a huge tower that would bring the group down floors while fighting high level magical encounters by high number at once. In Marearka, you can defend from an attack by rolling your protection dice. And frankly, with the level of the enemies being largely superiors to Frank's one hit would have meant death, and the odds of succeeding a block were 5% each time. By rolling 20 on the dice, you would succeed a critical defend, and block the attack. It was the only way for Frank to ever block anything. Would you believe Frank rolled 5 critical defences in a row, leaving all battles untouched and intact.

Think about it, 5%, 5% 5% 5% 5%. All success. WOW!

Next for a funny story, is Charles, playing an assassin level 14. The party had left a village and wandered for two days in the swamps surrounding it. Charles suddenly realized when casting a Identify spell on the trinket an elder back in the village had given him, that it held magical properties. He just didn't know which. Unfortunately, he had the ability to fly granted by a no-less magicl cape he was wearing. So he decides to head off to the village they left back, telling the rest of the crew he would catch up later. On his way back to see the elder, he decides in mid-air, to identify again the trinket in case he sees something more to it. He casts his spell, and rolls 1. A fumble spell. He must now roll to determine which of the twenty possible fumble effects he gets.
What he rolled, was the effect of casting the wrong spell by mistake, rolling it randomly from his list of spells, rather than choosing which one is to be cast. From the list of his spells, he rolls plasma bolt. He was targetting his hand when casting, where the trinket was. The plasma bolt has the same effect of a anti-air missile. Imagine when it blows in your hand. Charles fell 200 feet in the swamp below, far from his party, his corpse slowly digging it's way in the murk, dragged by the weight of his armour, never to be found. That's how he lost his Heroic character slayer of dragons he spent two years getting this far.

When in trouble, vinz's character, Darkiel, as a ranger, would mainly rely on projectiles to get the threat away. So when a merchant of maps in a small city reckonned Vinz's practices as fraudulent, he started screaming to call the guards. Vinz, confident as ever, opted for a called shot. A called shot has a very low percentage of success, but allows a player to to attempt an action normally out of his capabilities. I let him have the called shot with a 3% chance of success due to the distance, and the crazy thing he told me he was attempting. Darkiel's intention was to grab a small rock on the ground and throw it at the scremaing merchant's teeth. He leaned forward, grabbed a rock, and flung it at the merchan't teeth with success. Oh man we laughed.

Tokkai, camping next to a gypsy encampment on the road, rapidely got exasperated at a child scremaing and crying nearby. The mother went had gone to fetch something in the tent to calm the noisy child. Tokkai rapidely closed in seizing the opportunity, and swiftly power-bombed the kid, killing him on the spot. With a gracious toss of the foot, he tumbled the small corpse in a ravine nearby and went back to sleep.

Tokkai, a few weeks before, had been welcomed by the dwellers of a small village floating on a lake. They had given him shelter, food, equipment, and even a small boat to sail his way out. As the villagers were standing on the docks waving their arms in salutations when he departed, Tokkai caught a glimpse at Wu-Lei, the warrior accompanying him. He was giggling as he flung the guide standing beside in the water. Catching the incentive, Tokkai half turned on the boat, his back at the village, and cast a Fire Storm at it. The huge pillars of flames descending on the wooden structures, turning all life into ashes. He kept a straight face the whole time, as Wu-Lei giggled his face bright with the relentless flames. (Just for your information, the magic he cast on the village is pretty hard to summon, and takes at least 100 days to re-emerge.) Lol, damn we laughed. Tokkai is so funny.

I'll tell you more of these tales, but I think you have enough reading for now. Sorry for the quantitiy Sofy.


Blogger Genotzarr said...

Yo Greg, is this what you meant?
I hope I got it right.
If not, bombard me with specifics.
I want to nail it so y'all keep reading me.
You are my reason for writing all of this of course.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Gregory Belacel said...

Yes, that's exactly what I meant. I think that's a good way to understand the game and to laugh at the same time. Psychopat player are so funny :D I like the one about the village turn to ash. Stupid villager. They should know that adventure shouldn't be trusted :)

5:00 AM  
Anonymous nichiren said...

funny cose i remeber a story about a caster that always walked around with a crowbar and wanted to jimmy every door he needed to get thru even the unlocked ones :PP

ring a bell??

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Gregory Belacel said...

Yeah :D Was it the same guy that was a little pyroman too, setting a whole camp of White Cloack on fire, laughing and screaming "BURN!" while people were running ablaze :).

4:55 AM  
Blogger sofy said...

G33ks !

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Nichiren said...

for some reason i dont really remeber that part i just remeber him running like a chicken without a head screaming like a little girl saying that they where going to get him...


12:49 PM  
Blogger Genotzarr said...

It"s play testing for a game I created. It has nothing to do with g33kness. When I make money with it, I"ll be the one to laugh.
If only you knew.

6:23 PM  
Anonymous [x-toff] said...

Gregory Belacel, are you the one who use to live in wissous??

If so: Odd to find your track like that, but hey, you know what they say about coincidences!

if not: never mind, let's say I'm a crazy french guy lol

8:08 AM  

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