Monday, June 26, 2006

The Bucheron Express

As it comes to be expected these days, original drawing, LD (me), and nicely shaded by Rock Ray.

in the last two months, I stumpled onto dozens of people I hadn't seen in a long while.
One comment, the same everytime.
OMG! You lost so much weight. Look at you!!!
Even the guy at the movie rental was like..
Yooooo! Go see a doctor! Have you read 'Thinner?!'
-Well I have.
-You're just like him. What is wrong with you!?
-beeeh. Gimme that movie!

Shaddi and the Duong brothers were like YOOOOOO! at Mira.
Aye. I'll eat.

Well, afraid of being sick and constantly losing weight, I started eating relentlessly.
Since then, Bacon, A&W all the time, no restraint at all on all that is greasy and full of sugar.
Two Milkshakes per day, and all the stuff I like brought to abuse.
It's kind of funny going through that. You eat all you want, all the stuff forbidden by the dietetists with no sense of measure.
Slowly but surely, the abundance of food worked its magic, and I gained a bit of weight, and now I heard, I'm back to normal.
(well, still a bit thinner than before.)
I have the kind of body that can't gain weight whatever I do. (well, almost, fortunately.)
I'm almost like that friend of mine Charles.
The guy was on a 7 meals a day diet for two years that included six whole eggs in the morning and the such, and didn't manage to gain a pound. Where are these calories going?
Well, probably at the same place one of your socks goes after a wash.
In the void.

So, If I kick myself in the butt (or groin) hard enough, I can get my membership at the gym, and regain the body I had as displayed on the picture above.

Yo Al, I didn't forget the issue you asked me to write about.
I will, it's just that it is late, and I have much to tell about it.
I will, when I start writing those lines earlier.


Blogger Amande said...

Impressionnant le coup des 7 repas par jour plus les oeufs! Encore un truc qui n'est pas prêt de m'arriver ;-)

3:05 AM  
Blogger sofy said...

Yo Louis !
T'es trop ti !
Tu sais des hommes doivent avoir de la viande dessus !
C'est + appétissant pour les dames!
Alors lache les dinner grano,
Mange! pauvre enfant!


4:41 AM  
Anonymous zak mirando said...

Louis si tu veux je peux t'acheter ce lait à l'allure de ''vomi'' que les épiceries de ton quartier vendent.
C' est plein de protéines donc très nourissant.

7:41 AM  
Blogger Genotzarr said...

Des diners grano?
C'est quoi cette histoire?
Je mange grano une fois pas an, quand je suis malade.

8:41 PM  

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