Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The law of unescapeness

Drawing by Rock Ray.

The sketch on the leftshows a couple of differences from the more final drawing on the right. You can have a couple minutes of fun by trying to find them all.

Now, on to more serious matters. surely you heard of the infamous Murphy's law. Well, let me tell you, it's not just some superstition, or some obscure wandering of fate, karma coincidence, nor destiny. In fact, it's one of the unescapable laws of our universe. I personally place it right after the law of chaos, in terms of how much it influences our lives. (In short, the law of chaos, is what makes it harder to be born, than to die. The reason why it is easier to destroy than build, and such. Note that there are limitless ways to die, and just one to give birth. Another example: If you throw 7000 rocks on the same spot with a catapult, rarely will you end up with a gothic cathedral built from that process)

Murphy's law is relatively complex, but can be summarised pretty well with this sentence. 'The opposite of one's will is more likely to happen than not, especially if that said will is oriented towards well being'

Let's pick some examples from any given commoner such as me. (but it could easily be you) Saying that none of the following has ever occured to you is like telling me you're an X men, and that your power is to evade Murphy's law. Or, you could compare Murphy's law inevitability, by comparing it to the last drop(s) of urine unfailing to end in the boxers not matter how long you wipe it or shake it dry.

That being said, let's proceed.

Notice with what ease will any shere or even slightly circular object roll under the most 'Hard to reach under' place in a room.

The same way, a key located in a cargo or army pant will be found last no matter what. The same could be said about a key holder that holds various unfamiliar keys. the one that will open the door will be the first you have tried, but didn't work the first time. If you flip it the other way to counter the Murphy effect, the key will still be last. NO ESCAPE!

If you succeed in a particular task or prowess, you'll surely notice that no one was watching. If you attempt again in front of an audience, your failure however will not pass unnoticed.

Throw a toast in the air ion a flipping manner. (the toast has to be buttered with any condiment that will effectively provide a stain upon landing (because don't hope, the toast will land on the side on which something was spread)) If you tell me that the weight of the condiment is suffiscient to influence the flip, you are clearly a sceptic, and haven't tried it. It does feel like flipping heads or tails 10 times on heads and losing each time, then switching to tails only to flip heads that time.

Wear white and drink raisin juice, and then, wear black and drink raisin juice. You'll only spill juice on the white T shirt oddly.

When you look for a job, no opportunities come for months, just long enough to suffer and smash your ego to bits. Once it is done, and that further humiliations would be pointless since you are at your lowest, ALL jobs you have applied for, call you the SAME day.

Notice also that Murphy's law will strike particularly often once you are aware of its existence. I have yet to determine if that is caused by just not realizing you're a victim, or by the actual Law itself.

I'd be very pleased to hear your tales of Murphyness, and forgive me Al, for not recalling perfectly your Murphy stories, and thus not writing them hereupon.


Blogger Amande said...

J'aime bcp te lire LD, tu me fais bien rire :) Tout à fait vraies tes lois de Murphy.

Un truc typique chez moi, dès que je mets un habit tout propre d'être lavé, il n'y a pas photo et hop je me tâche!! Ou alors j'achète un habit tout neuf, je le mets à laver et là je le décolore... Ouais je suis un peu beaucoup polio, je reconnais ;-)

Le coup des tartines m'arrive tout le temps, le coup de la clé aussi! Mais moi tout ça, je crois que ça m'arrive parce que je fais les choses trop rapidement!

1:29 AM  
Anonymous Nichiren said...

yo LD that toast thing its not murphey its somthing called physics :P read up on it :P

and no i wont debate it with you :P

6:20 AM  
Blogger sofy said...

Murphy...I know that dude well.
About bugs in games...
I do not fight anymore with 'could not reproduce' or 'once in a lifetime'. Because I KNOW he will be there wating for me as I try to explain it to a prog/dev.

About life in general too.
When you want to demonstrate somethin and you know you're rightbut can't prove it when there's ppl around.. and then they all think you're crazy...

One day i'll get Murphy for this!

7:53 AM  
Blogger sofy said...

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7:53 AM  
Anonymous Zak Mirando said...

Murphy moi aussi je le connais ce gars la.
Il peut être parfois très cruel.

10:13 AM  
Blogger ekynaux said...

LD, tu as oublié l'exemple "EXTRAORDINAIRE" que tu avais vécu avec Gaaz et un autre mec, un soir en attendant le bus, je crois qu'il n'y avait plus de métro et que la catastrophe était arrivée parce quelqu'un avait insulté Murphy. (reminder: ambulance, blocage de rue, etc...)

4:44 PM  
Blogger Genotzarr said...

ouais, je me rapelle.
Mais il y a une autre fois ou moi et Gaas, on avait raté trois bus en une minute.
on se rend a l'arret de la 121, mais il nous passe a la face.
On attendait a l'arret de la 121 esperant qu'il arrive. Mais la 171 arrive a l'autre coin.
La 171 (qui fait le meme parcours pour le segment qui nous interesse ne se trouve que de l'autre coté du petit boulevard)
On vire a l'autre coin de rue pour prendre la 171.
Mais voila que des dizaines de voitures se pointent en meme temps comme dand Truman show. Alors, on peut pas traverser , mais on si dit qie c'est pas grave parceque il ya un feu rouge et que la 171 devra nous attendre. Mais non!
La 171 brule le feu rouge, et on le rate.
On retourne alors a la 121.Mais voila que des dizaines de voitures se pointent en meme temps comme dand Truman show.
ET, il ya un 121 qui passe pendant ce temps la.

7:35 PM  
Blogger sofy said...

Louis et les bus de la STM :D
Priceless !

5:13 AM  
Blogger Edwin Sumun said...

Hello Louis-David! thanks for somehow finding your way and commenting on The Diva Series. Much appreciated. I must also commend you on your graphics. Will be sending your link to a 'friend' of mine who is an illustrator.

11:09 PM  

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