Monday, June 12, 2006

The Marearka Project

I promised to talk to you about the Marearka project, this pen and paper role playing game.
Let's start about how the game is played. (rules as well) Then, in future posts, I'll tell you about the setting, story, and give you samples of parts of the game. (The battle system and rules alone being simply too big for a single issue, I'll discuss them over dozens of posts.
At any time, feel free to stop me if it's too boring, or if you have an idea of how the concept could be improved, or for any suggestioin at all.

Here we go.
This is the first and main sheet a player gets when he or she starts playing. This is the character sheet that displays all the basic stats.
Of course, there are other stat lists that he gets, but let's start by what makes a character.
First thing to do is choose a race.
You can choose between these races.
Empirean\Syriendi\Elf\Dark Elf\Dwarf\Tlalanth\Talambras\Tribian\ \T'lenn Rath \Forstian\Kwai
and the secret races.
Deamonisher\Eldritch\Succubus\Black Cessak\White Cessak

Then, you must choose a class.
Acrobat\Alchemist\Assassin\Brawler\Martial Artist\Priest\Healer\Necromancer\Paladin\Dark Knight\Thief\Sorcerer\Wizard\Bard\Summoner\Ranger\Samurai\Shukenja\Druid\Monk\Barbarian

Each race has 3 unique skills, and each class has 30.
They are not alone to determine your choice when making a character.
You must consider your race's apperance, way of behaving, bonuses and maluses upon starting to make it.
It must suit the way you intend your character to be played.

Let's look at the main character sheet displayed above. (This is the character sheet of an Eldritch level 1 I just made)
Fill-in your weight, height, sex, and age.
They will be affected somewhat by the race you've chosen. So will your alignment and enemy specie if you have any.
now, look at your alignment. The more it is in the center, the more you will be neutral, whereas extremities of the scale tend to represent a tendency rather unchanging and blatant. For instance, the Eldritch we use as an example here is quite evil, and loyal as well. You could say he's loyal to things evil in general.
He also starts (being the most unsubtle of killing machines) with zero magic points.
At any time in the game, you can spend Magic points to get a new magic, that you emerge from your brain.
As it shows, it takes 12 magic points to emerge a class 1 magic, 30 for a class 2, and 100 for a class 3.
The higher the class, the most powerful the magic.
A magic class 3 can raze a city for instance, or resurrect a person from death. The magic are also divided into these kinds. Necromantic\Alchemic\Deamonic\Cessak\Summoner\Bard\Elemental earth\Elemental Fire\Elementalair Elemental water\Renegade\Wizard\Legendary\Druidic\Healer\Priest
A Mage can use his class magic as well as all elemental and renegade, whereas, a fighter or rogue, only has access to renegade and all elementals.

On to the stats themselves now.
Endurance\ Your Hit points. They determine how much damage is required to bring you down.

Strenght\ How much damage you afflict when striking with your bare hands. If a weapon or a strenght boosting item is equiped, the strenght will increase accordingly.
These two stats are based on 100. (It has been modified to fit a base of 30 to avoid large numbers calculated in combat but is only 50% implemented.)
All following stats are on a base of 20 and top at 100.

Agility\ When in combat, it determines the ability you have in actually touching an opponent. It also affects some saving throws. Your agility always competes with your oponent's Protection weapon.

Speed\ You ability to gain the initiative in a round. It competes with your opponent's speed.
It also determines your displacement size in a round. Your displacements in meters are equal to your speed divided by 10 to the lower decimal. The Eldritch has 28 speed, so his displacement range is 2 meters per round.

Intelligence\ Your ability to cast spells. It competes agoinst your opponent's protection magic if you cast against a living target. To cast a class of spell 1 to 11, you need to attain a treshold of 10 higher than the decimal's class.
For instance, a spell class 1 requires a score of twenty or higher to be cast.
By adding your intelligence to your 1d,20 roll, you obtain a number. If this number is highest than your (class spell X 10) It is a success.
As an example, a spell class 3 requires 40 intelligence to succeed.
The character has 27 intelligence and wants to cast a class 3.
The minimum roll for success, will be 13 on his d.20 roll. 13 + 27 =40.
In the Eldritch's case here, he needs 19\20 to success a spell class 1. Ouch.

Constitution\ Your toughness. It's most of your saving throws, and also represent your natural resistance to damage, even when naked. Each physical, and some spell damage, are reduced by your constitution x 10.
For instance, if the Eldritch would sustain a strike that would cause 400 damage, he would in truth lose 210 endurance. It also detdetermines what is your death treshold under 0 endurance.
Multiply the const by 100 to have your death treshold.
The Eldritch here has 19 constitution. He dies when his endurance reaches -1900.

Protection weapon\ Your ability to block or dodge an opponent's physical attck.
Protection magic\ Your ability to block or dodge an opponent's magical attck.

The charisma.
All charisma are based on 30, except for knack wich is based on 10.
Presence is what your character conveys when seen. 30 being very noticeable. In a bad or good way.
Apperance is really what your character looks like. 1 being damn ugly.
Sex appeal, is what your character conveys to the opposite sex. The Eldritch has no sex though.
Knack, is your ability to always look good in what you do, and do thing well. Like James Bond if you have 10, and Johnny Bravo if you have 1 I guess. It doesn't really apply to the Eldritch since it's nothing but a killing machine.

The Moral, is your ability not to get shook easily by things. If your morale drops under 1, you will get a -1 malus on every throw in combat. If it exeeds 8, you'll get a + 1 bonus.
You lose 1 morale when for instance, your party member gets put out of combat, or when you fumble and such.
For each point under or over the limit, you gain + or -1 on 20 dice throws.

Pain resistance, is your ability to not lose extra damage by turn when in the coma.
The base is 800. (8 now since the modifications).
Your pain res (was multiplied by 100) and was substracted to 800.
So if you had 6 pain res, you would lose only 200 endurance per round in the coma.
800 - 600 = 200.
Since the new update, it would be 8 - 6 = 2.

Stamina. Your ability to perform skills each round. Using a skill uses 1 stamina. Not using a skill during one round replenishes stamina by 1. The eldritch here can perform skills six rounds in a row.

Luck. How much you can influence the dice each day. You can only influence a d.100.
Meaning that you can only modify skill throws, and saving throws.
Your luck is the amount of change you can put on dice throws each day.
A person with 5 luck, can either modify up to 5 throws by 1, or modify one throw by 5, and so on.
Your luck resets every 24 hours.

Awareness. Modifies saving throws. Affects particularly the chance of not being caught by suprise, or back-stabbed.

If you read all this, you're probably interested in the game.
Tell me if you don't want to see anymore of this. I'll understand pretty well. I know it's long, and this is one tenth of what I should write for you to understand without playing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah man, go jump in a lake first if you want me to read all of this!
It's too complicated and I'm not into table top anyway!

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Gregory Belacel said...

Hi Louis,

well, I don't know if I am the only one interested in this post, but I though it was very interesting. :D

However, I think starting with the rule might scare those who are not interested or are unfamilliar with table top rpg. I think maybe giving some interesting stories about what happen during your games, with a couple of rule or background explanation during the story, so the reader can understand the reference and the context, could be a better way to reach more people, while teaching basic element about your game at the same time. Everyone love a good, funny story afterall. It might appear a little less dry and easier to read to most people.

I just hope to read more about your game. :D

4:56 AM  
Blogger Vivian R. said...

Hey Louis,

I'm just lost in the visualisation of your page and I think I'm gonna stay at 2D work!!! More easy to do and understand!!! Sorry bout that.... By the way, related to your game, I've start the Cyclopeen city!!!! Wich, I think is gonna be real cool!!! If you could send me all the details(if there is any left) about that city I would appreciate!!!!!!

But keep the good work on your deserve success for so much work!!!!


ps: TX for your comment on my concept of the last weekend!!!! I'm a Master now!!!!!!! yéééééé.

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Nichiren said...

hey LD it has potential and has interesting posibilities cant wait to see more. :)

the only thing i can say for now is you seem to have tomany Stats that are importent but similar that do different things. IMO you need to simplify alittle or it will be very complex to understand and learn. i know the interesting benifits of having detailed stats system (iv trided...) and i found 1 system that worked very well(form one of the old dnd 2e adv) and i think you could use a variant of that system. basicaly you have the 6 base stats (what ever you may call them) and each stat is subdivited into 2 categories giving you actualy 12 stats without complecating the mechanics. we can talk about it if you want more info. dont was to stretch this out have have people falling asleep :P.

12:33 PM  
Blogger Genotzarr said...

Iappreciate the feed back a lot.
What I displayed on the blog is actually the old system.
The new one is all based on twenty, and has smaller numbers everywhere.
I'll emulate a fight soon, so you see what happens.
It's no tthat complicated.
People pick it up fast.
And a good 300 people have played it already.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Genotzarr said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:42 PM  
Blogger sofy said...

Too much for my eyes.
My brain is dead.
can't read.
plz leave a message after the beep.


6:19 PM  
Blogger Genotzarr said...

Tahnks for the good suggestions Nichiren, but it is really hard for me to supress all of these rules we are so used to playing with.
I take your ideas into account of course.
Know that I am currently working on simplifying the whole thing, but it's harder to remove whole things than to scale down the numbers, and simplify the things that can happen in a round.

10:36 PM  
Anonymous nichiren said...

the trick is not removing but more like categorizing the information so that its easyer to understand wihout losing the complexity or the freedom of costomisation. we should talk about his stuff during lunch somday :P

9:02 AM  

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