Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Fun PT2

I jave to give Rock-Ray serious props for this drawing, even though he see,s to be angry with me.
He doesn't post anymore. When is the last time we've seen him here?
but anyway, drawing this level of detail, to render different textures the way they should look is a very good pointer at the sheer talent this man has.

Last time, I said that I would talk about what is fun and what is not.

Let's first consider that mankind likes challenge.
I'm not talking about a specific wrestler, I'm talking about a each individual that we are.
Overcoming a challenge is fun.
Video games so far, have found two principal ways to challenge those that dare to play them.
I would classify them in two categories.
Challenge of wits, and challenge of ability. The former, has the player rely on intelligence to get further in the game.
The later forces the player to rely on dexterity, and execution skill to get further in the game.
That's why games no matter how you classify them, will almost always have one of those two challenge categories.
As an example, Street Fighter and Devil May Cry, both rely on hability at maneuvering the character. (they also provide puzzles and riddles, but in a smaller measure)
on the other hand, Myst and Stella Deus, are the types of games that will have the player rely on intelligence and force induce them in using strategy and wits to go further.

Yes, the mother of all principles in a game. The one on which all games are based, is progression.
The first reward in all games, is to allow the player to go further, and furthermore, it cannot be otherwise.

Thus, the first element of fun in a game, is challenging the player in certain ways.
There are things that game should not challenge the player with. (Patience is just one example)

Another principle is the reward. A game should always reward a player for going through it with sucess. The reward is there to congratulate the player for having done certains things correctly.
Rewards also help the player to feel like he's growing better or more powerful.
Most players play a game to have fun, but also to beat it, and get more powerful in the process.

There are many more aspects to cover about fun and games.
For that reason, I will soon write a Fun PT3.
Hang on until then.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Talk Shit

It says....
''Les images stéréotypées d'hommes asiatiques présentés comme des guerriers pratiquant le kung-fu ou encore comme des victimes a la peau jaune sont courantes dans plusieurs jeux vidéo a succès, affirme un dîplomé en sociologie de l'Université de la Colombie-Britannique, Robert Parungo.
Richard Smith, professeur de comunications a l'Université Simon Fraser croit que l'Industrie du jeu vidéo a du retard sur les autres médias au chapitre de la sensibilité."

This is one of the biggest talk shit I've heard in a long time.
Video games are racist because they depict asian men, dressed as martial artists, and performing Kung-Fu.
Well I got news for you.
It wouls so seem that all medias are racist. Why restrain the the critic to video games?
Movies, books, radio, internet, television and magazines are racist under these conditions.
Asian victims are depicted in video games.
Well, I guess history itself is racist.
It would mean that the movie Shindler's List is racist towards the jewish people, because it depicts them as victims of the holocaust.
What about the tsunami hitting Asia last year?
Was the Tsunami racist?
Or were the news channels racists for depicting asian victims?

As for Kung-Fu. This would mean that asians studying the said martial art are racist against themselves. ???
what about boxing?
Is it racist to depict a black boxer?
And hockey. Is NHL 2006 racist because it depicts white people playing hockey?
Oh I forgot. Racism towards white people doesn't exist.
Racism only applies to non-white people.
And sexist applies for non-female people.
It's kind of hard being a white guy nowadays, working in the video game industry, to hear those irrelevant pointless illogical critics.

Stereotype, is one thing. Racism is another one.
Remember when I said that videogames were attacked because they were recent and not totally established? (as in older generations don't understand them)
Well, this is what I meant.

Of course video games are late in developing their sensibility. They are a newborn media still.
And, they adress the public that is not in power yet.
It will come in due time.
But asian doing Kung-Fu= racist. Lol. Come on. Don't make it too apparent that you hate for free.